Brad Belcher

Brad Belcher - Dedicated to Solving the Opiate Crisis in Marion, Ohio

The managing member at Buckeye Real Estate in Marion, Ohio, Brad Belcher leverages more than 12 years of experience to provide planning oversight, development, and design to a wide range of commercial builders in the region. He additionally leads Northern American Fire Protection, which offers safety planning and maintenance services to a range of institutional clients. Beyond these two entities, Brad Belcher serves as CEO of Buckeye Family, dedicated to residential care at four mental health treatment centers in and around the city.

In each of his Marion-based businesses, Mr. Belcher places special emphasis on working with people who have struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues. His real estate firm includes hospitals and residential detox facilities among its clients. At Northern American Fire Protection, he has reached out to hire motivated employees who are in recovery. At Buckeye Family, meanwhile, his team works directly with people to provide the highest-quality care and support possible on their journeys toward sobriety and regaining control of their lives.

Brad Belcher’s own story of recovery is included in Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic, a 2019 book by renowned journalist Sam Quinones. Mr. Belcher’s is one of many moving accounts of contemporary Americans’ fight against this public health crisis, which has affected his Ohio community in particular.

In 2018 Brad Belcher and his wife Heather, who is an experienced nurse, opened Day One Integrative Services as a state-of-the-art, evidence based Treatment center for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Along with more than 64 beds available for women, men and those with families seeking long term recovery.

Brad Belcher

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Brad Belcher
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